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Say hello to Invoice2go Money - banking perfect for small business

What if you could manage all of your invoicing, payments, and banking securely in one place? What if you had a way to instantly know the state of your cash flow and not have to reconcile multiple accounts or match payments to invoices? And what if you could do all this without having to pay fees?

At Invoice2go, a Bill.com company, we continually talk to customers and build solutions to solve their problems. We’re thrilled to announce one of our most exciting updates yet: Invoice2go Money. This free, zero-fee FDIC-insured small business bank account makes it easier than ever for you to invoice and get paid securely.

Give your customers more convenience and pay no fees

Invoice2go Money is now part of your Invoice2go subscription. There are no fees to open or maintain an account, no transaction fees, and no fees for next-day ACH bank transfers.

We know that many business owners dislike accepting payments with credit cards – especially on large invoices – due to the typical 3% processing fee.  And who can blame them? Those fees can add up to thousands of dollars a year.

However, not accepting credit cards or online payments can bring challenges too. Checks can take time to arrive and clear at the bank. Even newer networks like Zelle or Venmo can take days to process and clear at the bank – not to mention many business owners using these services cite having to spend a lot of time chasing down payments. Afterward, they still need to do the bookkeeping task of matching payments to invoices.

Stay organized by using one secure platform that automatically reconciles your invoices and payments. With Invoice2go money, you can send an invoice, accept payment via ACH transfer directly from that Invoice and have the cash in your bank account the next business day without paying any fees. Because it’s integrated with Invoice2go, the transaction is automatically matched to your invoice – there’s nothing to reconcile.

Open a business account easily and know your money is secure

Trusted Blue Ridge Bank provides Invoice2go Money’s banking services and FDIC Insurance. Protecting your money and financial data is a #1 priority for us.

Traditional business bank accounts can be challenging to open. They can require lots of paperwork, long approval cycles, and expensive opening costs. On top of this, there can be fees for account minimums and expensive bank transfers. With Invoice2go Money you can open an account and get approval in minutes. Get all the advantages of a big bank without the red tape and hassle.

(Footer disclaimer) Invoice2go is a financial technology company - banking services provided by Blue Ridge Bank N.A. Member FDIC. The Invoice2go Visa® Debit Card is issued by Blue Ri tdge Bank N.A. pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. and may be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.


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