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Product update: use Invoice2go, a Bill.com company, projects to stay organized and save time on admin

According to our recent Go Getters community poll, small business managers spend 20-50% of their time on back-office admin tasks. Some of these tasks are avoidable - like scrolling through an old email trail to find a reference code, searching for a work photo from months ago, or finding the invoice number for a particular project with a regular client.

That’s why we created projects. This new feature provides one easy-to-access place to keep all the documents and information you need to get the job done. Now you can spend less time on admin and more time on what matters most.

Whether it’s an open opportunity or a live piece of work, projects enables you to create a central location to store everything you’ll need to manage the job. easily access the site location, notes, multiple client contacts (when there’s an office contact and an onsite contact, for example), estimates, invoices, photos, PDFs, and more from projects.

Here are 4 exciting projects features that you will love:

1. Easily upload images, PDFs, and other attachments to store in one convenient place

Store all your project’s in-progress and completion images in one place, plus your PDFs for handy reference. Attach your other documents, so everything is in one convenient place.

2. Add multiple contacts and locations

Does your project have a physical location different from the billing address? Or perhaps your project serves several locations? Keep them all in one project. 

3. Store notes to yourself about the project 

Use free text to add essential details about the project - including reminders, project nuances, or customer preferences.

4. Add the name and date your projects for easy discoverability

Find your projects easily by giving them a name you’ll recognize and add other important information like dates.

We're listening carefully to your feedback

In the early stages of creating projects, we worked closely with a small group of Invoice2go customers to understand their pain points and administrative burden. We then showed them an early version of projects that allowed us to gain real-time feedback and optimize this feature. 

The most important problem that we aimed to solve was a lack of organization of important documents and information. Projects provides a central location for all your data, so project managers can get everything they need to run their project smoothly in just a few taps.

One of our long-time customers, Joe Yeaman, owner of Yeaman Painting, participated in the early access program for projects. He recently provided feedback that “Projects is my secret weapon. It’s given me a framework to operate within. This has, in turn, freed up more time for me to be in the field working, leading to business growth!”

Ready to get started? Sign in to Invoice2go and find projects in the main menu. Not a member or want to learn more about projects? Click the button below for more info.


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