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New: Set up recurring invoices

As a small business owner, you know that a “job well done” is more than just a nice phrase. It’s what helps you build a base of satisfied customers that keep coming back to you. These repeat customers are an important part of your success, but moving fast often makes it harder to stay on top of everything, like sending timely invoices.

Today, we’re introducing the ability to set up recurring invoices with Invoice2go, a Bill.com company, giving you a smarter, easier way to invoice repeat customers. This useful new feature is available as part of our new Unlimited plan.

With recurring invoices, you can:

  • Choose the right frequency for each of your repeat customers: Set up recurring invoices to go out monthly, weekly, or every two weeks.
  • Stay organized automatically: Let Invoice2go remember when a recurring invoice should go out — and prepare it for you automatically. Send it when you’re ready.
  • Get paid faster, more consistently: The faster you send an invoice, the faster you get paid. With recurring invoices, you can invoice repeat customers consistently and on time.

How it works

In the app, when you tap the top of an invoice — the same place you tap to change the invoice due date — you’ll see a new option to set up a recurring invoice right on the Invoice Details screen. From here, you can set an invoice to go out monthly, weekly or every two weeks.

Based on the frequency you select, Invoice2go automatically keeps track of when the next invoice should be sent and prepares an invoice for your review. You’ll receive a notification when the invoice is ready, giving you a chance to review and edit before sending.

With this all-new feature, you can say goodbye to forgotten and delayed invoices, helping you stay focused on the next job well done.


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