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5 Invoice2go updates you don’t want to miss (August 2022)

2022 may be more than halfway over, but we’re just getting started with some exciting updates to Invoice2go, a Bill.com company. Today, we’re thrilled to reveal 5 updates we’ve just added based on popular customer feedback. All of these aim to help you achieve 3 goals: win more work, stay organized, and get paid faster.

New feature highlights:

  • Having trouble linking your bank with Invoice2go Money? Use secure same-day micro-deposits to connect any bank with Invoice2go Money and access your funds today.
  • Easily add card service charges to your invoices. Give your customers the convenience of paying by card and avoid card processing fees.
  • Get invoices and estimates approved faster with a more personal SMS experience. SMS is one of the best ways to connect with customers. Add your business name and client name when sending invoices and estimates via SMS.
  • Email deliverability just got better. We’ve taken steps to ensure all your documents land in clients’ inboxes, not the junk folder.
  • Take advantage of a new way to stay organized with Projects. Mark projects as “Active” or “Complete” – and easily view each category.

Invoice2go Money daily automated payouts are how many business owners prefer to get paid. You can link any US bank account to Invoice2go Money through our trusted financial partner Plaid.

If you didn’t see your bank listed on Plaid or had trouble linking your bank account with Invoice2go Money, we have good news. You can now quickly connect your account using same-day micro-deposits – meaning you'll be able to link your account, start accepting card payments, and get your money more conveniently.

To get set up, grab your mobile phone and bank login credentials. Don’t see your bank account listed? Connect any bank by entering your account numbers and verifying the amounts of two small deposits. Check out this FAQ for detailed instructions.

Add card service fees to your invoices 

Are you concerned that credit and debit card payment fees will cut into your margins? You now have the option to add card service fees to your invoices and pass that cost on to your customers for the convenience of paying by card.

Note that some states have restrictions or bans on credit card fee surcharges for transactions that occur within the state. Be sure to check your local laws.

Get invoices and estimates approved faster with more personal SMS messaging

SMS is one of the most effective ways for your business to connect with customers. In fact, in analyzing our customer payments, we’ve discovered that invoice and estimate pay and approval rates are approximately 20% higher via SMS compared to web and email. 

You can now add a personal touch to the text accompanying your invoices and estimates sent via SMS. Greet your clients by name and sign off with the name of your business. Reach out to clients in the best way for them, and get paid and approved even faster. 

Email deliverability just got better

Perhaps the worst place for any invoice or estimate to end up is your customer’s junk folder. We recently updated your invoice sender address to be shorter and sleeker and to ensure all your documents seamlessly reach your clients’ inboxes.

Mark Projects “Active” or “Complete” and quickly reference completed projects

We’re continually listening to your feedback on Projects and are excited to announce two new ways you use this feature to simplify your admin and ensure your workday goes smoothly.

You can now keep your active projects front-and-center and still be able to reference your “Complete” archive quickly. ​​View your “Active” tab to see all your current projects and easily toggle to your “Complete” tab to reference past clients, invoice dates and amounts, and any other notes you’ve entered.


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