Nothing puts productivity in a corner like feeling disorganized. And when you’re running a small business (and have a million things going at once), keeping the admin side of things organized can be a big challenge.

There are a lot of great ways to take the pain out of staying organized with the new Invoice2go. Here we detail five things that every small business owner should do make life easier on themselves: 


1. Keep close tabs on your most important numbers

You may not be able to know everything that’s happening at all times in your business, but the new home screen and notifications center sure gets you closer.

One glance at your home screen tells you how many invoices are overdue, unpaid and unsent. Swipe to find other helpful dashboards, including your annual sales by quarter, sales by client and your outstanding balance overview. By tapping the notifications icon, you can see other important updates, like when your client opened their invoice, or when you receive a new payment. And we all know those are the best kind of updates.

Invoice2go home screen


2. Keep track of who owes you money 

The new tab feature within your invoice list automatically sorts your invoices by Unpaid and Paid. This gives you an easy way to keep things organized, and to keep tabs on the status of each invoice. You can see which customers have opened your invoices and most importantly, who needs a friendly nudge. Plus, you can sort your invoice list by date, invoice number, due date or client name. More organized, and more control over your cash flow.

To keep track of your invoices:  

  1. Tap on the left side navigation menu and select Invoices
  2. You will see tabs for Unpaid and Paid invoices at the top. This is where your invoices are categorized.
  3. Tap the Unpaid tab to see all your unpaid invoices. Look out for the following labels:
    1. The red ‘Overdue _ days’ text will appear under the invoice due date if your invoice has not been paid within your payment terms
    2. The blue ‘Opened’ box indicates your client has opened your email with the invoice
    3. The dark grey ‘Sent’ box indicates that the invoice has been sent to your client
    4. The light grey ‘Unsent’ box indicates that the invoice has not been sent to your client
    5. Tap the Paid tab to see your fully paid invoices

unpaid and paid invoices


3. Save items for next time, straight from the invoice

You’ve always been able to create a list of items you frequently invoice for, and now you can add new items straight from the invoice you’re working on. Here’s how:

1. From the home screen, tap Create and tap Invoice
2. Tap Add items and tap the blue Add item button
3. Enter in the Item description and Rate
4. Set the ‘Save for next time’ toggle button on and tap Save
5. To save the invoice, tap Save and now you will see that item within your items list

add item save for next time-highlight


4. Capture expenses the moment you spend

Keeping track of your expenses used to require a shoe box and hours of frustration digging through unorganized chaos. With the new Invoice2go, expense tracking is much more discoverable within the app to make it easier to capture your receipts and claim business expenses. Once you capture your receipts, you can add your expenses directly to your invoice. If you have recurring expenses they will be kept in a list for future use.

Here’s how to track expenses with Invoice2go:

  1. From the side navigation menu, tap on Expenses
  2. Tap on Create expense and Type description to specify your expense
  3. Tap Add a photo and either snap or upload a photo of your receipts
  4. Add in the receipt total, tax and tip if necessary
  5. Add the expense date
  6. Tap Merchant to enter the merchant information relating to the expense
  7. Specify Category
  8. Tap on Save

expenses invoice2go


5. Set up recurring invoices

One of the best organizational tricks out there is to automate tasks everywhere you can. If you have repeat customers, set up recurring invoices in Invoice2go so you have one less thing to remember. 

For a smarter, easier way to invoice repeat customers:

  1. Tap on Invoices from the side navigation menu
  2. Tap on the invoice you wish to set as recurring
  3. Scroll to the bottom and tap Recurring
  4. Select whether you would like that invoice to recur every week, every two weeks or every month


That’s just some of the many ways Invoice2go has your back, and keeps you hyper organized while running your business. If you’re looking for more tips on using the new Invoice2go, check out our Help Center for detailed how-to articles and answers to commonly asked questions.

*Some of the features mentioned in this article are available on Pro plans and up. Learn more about our plans to see which one is right for your business.