Mike Claudio from Winrate Consulting shares valuable insights

Learning how to improve your communication during sales calls can have a massive impact on your business. Your ability to quickly make clients feel comfortable and demonstrate your expertise can make the difference between getting the job and getting passed on for someone else.

We recently sat down with Mike Claudio from WinRate Consulting in one of our Facebook Live Masterclasses. Mike explains, “After 5 years in the construction industry and 15 years in sales, I’ve learned the top reason quality construction companies don’t grow and aren’t referred is due to issues with communication.” 

In case you missed the live masterclass, we’ve uploaded the video and you can now watch it on-demand. Check out this talk with Mike to learn how to:

  • Break the ice – Learn specific scripts you can use to immediately help prospects feel at ease when you enter their homes.
  • Build Rapport – Know what questions to ask to help earn prospects’ trust and understand their specific needs.
  • Give value-added suggestions – Find out how to humbly demonstrate expertise and better ensure customer satisfaction. 
  • Make a soft close – Get the exact script Mike uses to save time and eliminate any hesitation prospects may have.
  • Set crystal clear follow-ups – Understand why you need to set exact dates and times with potential clients when setting up next steps.

This short video is packed with tons of valuable information we hope you enjoy. Also, consider joining our Facebook groups for more useful tips and tricks like this. Each week we post new content to help support businesses just like yours.