Deb walks through the current government responses to COVID-19 from jobkeeper to jobseeker

On the 9th of April, Deb Hoffman, a registered Tax Agent and Owner Of Stellar Accounts, an online CPA, helped Australian employees and employers navigate through the COVID-19 changes.  

In this video, you can access helpful info about these topics:

    • COVID 19 Stimulus Packages
    • JobKeeper
    • JobSeeker
    • Sole Trader Information
    • Access to early super 

Deb covered JobKeeper and JobSeeker programs – who is eligible and how to apply. She also went in-depth on what options are available for sole traders. If none of the above applies, she also explained who can access their superannuation, how much you are allowed and what the ramifications may be for doing so.

In addition to the above topics, Deb answered questions throughout the video and at the end. You can view the whole video here.

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You can also see more detailed information on Government Aid Available for Self-Employed People During the COVID-19 Pandemic here. 

Who is Deb Hoffman?

Deb is a registered Tax Agent who owns Stellar Accounts who specialises in small businesses and people in the trade industry. Stellar Accounts is a 100% online CPA and registered tax agent providing services Australia wide.

Stellar Accounts is owned by a CPA (Certified Practising Accountant) with over 20 years experience in audit, financial accounting, taxation and bookkeeping, in both the private and public sectors.