We recently gathered top tips from freelancer community around the web. The insights and experiences shared by all proved to be priceless to others who are considering jumping into the rapidly growing freelance workforce. With no shortage of great advice from passionate solopreneurs, we wanted to share more of their helpful words; this time around how to find customers, how to manage time effectively, and how to stay motivated to finish projects so you can send your final invoice. Here are our top 3 insights for budding freelancers:

  • Networking: Build skills in your niche, venture outside of your home to build your network, and always be prepared to pitch your work
  • Time management: Add buffer time to your deadlines, keep track of data from you previous projects to better plan out how long it will take you to complete future projects, and find a schedule that works best for you
  • Self Motivation: Test different work environments, stay positive by celebrating small goals and handling rejection like a pro – it is a natural part of the freelancing career and it will make landing a big job that much more satisfying

With 34% of the entire American workforce freelancing, you’re not alone in experiencing issues getting your business off the ground. Take it from the freelancers who’ve been there and who are still making it work today. Deevra from freelancerfaqs.com said it best, “Stop thinking of yourself as a freelancer and starting thinking of yourself as a business. That one shift in thinking can mean the difference between a mediocre business and a thriving one.”

Check out the tips from our contributors below on how to make your freelancing business thrive:

Top tips for freelancers - Invoice2go