Invoice2go’s email guru Jell shares the tips and tricks behind constructing the most beneficial email marketing for your business

On April 30th, we hosted a Facebook Live webinar, Getting Started with Email Marketing, for our Facebook group: The Self-Employed Success Kit with Jell from the Invoice2Go email marketing team.

In this video, Jell gives a broad overview of email marketing while also addressing specific questions from members of the group. The main topics she covers are:

    • The benefits of email marketing for small businesses
    • Best email service providers
    • The structure of a good email
    • How to measure success
    • Common mistakes with email marketing
    • Laws and regulations, The CAN-SPAM Act

This informal webinar is useful for beginners and long-time marketers alike. Whether you are just starting to venture into your customers’ mailboxes, or you need some new tips to increase your open rate, Jell will provide some knowledge for you.

Email marketing is a low cost, but high value way to build up your business. Every company should be doing some sort of email marketing to help strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Jell also discusses the legal side of email marketing. If you have never heard of The CAN-SPAM Act, we highly recommend watching to make sure your business does not receive a fine without warning.