Just as you don’t have a performance without an audience, you can’t have a successful product or business without customers. Invoice2go was started to solve a real-world problem for real-world business owners. Our customers were, and continue to be, at the heart of everything we do. To better understand them, their business, and the problems we are trying to solve across industries, we are always talking to the people that use our product every day. Whether it’s through user research or networking at a small business meetup, we love getting the chance to interact with a wide range of businesses, and to hear their stories.

Today, we ask our team to talk about some of the small businesses that have inspired them along the way:

David, Product Manager
“Recently I spoke with Ben Fields, of BA Locksmith. Ben has been in the locksmith game for over 20 years servicing the San Francisco Bay Area in California and more recently the Boise, Idaho Area. He started his career working in various locksmith shops as he grew his skills. During this time Ben even went to Switzerland to further expand his knowledge of the trade. Then in 2004, he went on to open his own business, BA Locksmith where he provides mobile lock and security services.

I was really impressed by Ben’s attention to detail in his work and with over 20 years experience, he is a total expert in the locksmith field. He cares tremendously about his brand and is very self-aware which helps him to build a high level of trust with his customers.”

Zara, Product Designer
“Jamielyn of Eimaj Designs is one of many Invoice2go customers that has inspired me. She is a freelance costume designer and dancer in San Francisco, California. Jamielyn got into design as she had always made costumes and clothing for herself. When she was working for a company as a dancer, they asked her to do costumes and then over time through word of mouth she’s been able to work on productions of all sizes. Jamielyn’s favorite jobs are when she has a good rapport with the director and gets to have the creative freedom to do what she most desires.

I’m inspired by Jamielyn’s creativity and her passion to make a living doing what she loves – she is a dancer and so she derives joy from making productions come to life – whether through her dancing or through making costumes for others. She goes above and beyond to work within the budget of whatever production she is working for, and will take on projects big and small (from small local productions to the Hermes flagship store). The client doesn’t matter as long as she is part of making a show a success and making characters come alive.”

Kon, Product & User Experience Designer
“Last year I interviewed Moses, a car mechanic in Sydney, Australia. Moses started to work around the mechanic circuit straight after high school for around 5 years. He then realized that he could do it better, so he went onto buying out a crummy car shop in Sydney’s Inner West.

I was really impressed with how Moses then went onto differentiating his business by providing an honest and efficient service to locals. He managed to lower his overhead costs, without compromising on quality. He turned what used to be a run down mechanic shop into one of the most trusted mechanic shops in the Inner West of Sydney. He’s now looking to open up another shop and teach other young mechanics about how to run a business.”

Nina, Marketing & Communications
“One story that forever inspires me is the story of Helen from Lime Tree Bower. Helen is an independent floral designer, a one-woman show who pulls off some of the most extravagant and beautiful floral jobs for weddings, parties and corporate events. She also hosts workshops for anyone interested in learning the tricks of the trade.

The reason I find her story so inspiring is that she took a big leap of faith to get her business started, and completely backed herself from the beginning. Before Lime Tree Bower, Helen had a full time job at a technology company, which she loved. But one thing she loved, even more, was floral design, which she did purely as a hobby. She took some classes and helped a few friends out with various events that popped up. When someone asked her to do a wedding, it drove her into another gear, prompting her to create a portfolio and to begin ramping up her presence on social media. As more jobs came up, and her business continued to grow, she went part time at her job, and eventually bit the bullet and dove full time into her business. Helen took a chance on herself and is now pursuing her dream, making money doing what she loves. I’m sure it hasn’t been easy, but it’s a great example of what you can do if you pour your full self into something.”