For small businesses, unpaid invoices can mean loss profit and a disappointing bottom line. That’s why we’re focused on providing the tools to help you get paid for your work, quicker. Invoice2go’s payment feature gives small businesses, solopreneurs, and independent contractors more ways to get paid faster, by accepting debit and credit card right inside the app.

This feature is available in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia and Ireland, with support for more countries coming soon.


 How to enable mobile payments2016-07-14_17-23-37-12

Enabling payments is where it all begins.

  1. On iOS, Android or Web, go to Settings – select “Payment Options.”
  2. Turn on on the switch for “Accept Debit and Credit Cards.”

Once payments are switched on, every invoice will include a “Pay Now” button, allowing your customers to click it to make a secure payment online.

Your company name will be displayed so customers know they’re securely paying you. To learn more, here are all the details on the fees and time to process your payment.


Underwriting process

When payments are enabled, you can easily activate your Stripe account.

  1. In the Accept Debit and Credit Cards menu in Settings, tap on “Link my bank account.”
  2. Then, you will be directed to Stripe, our partner for processing card payments.
  3.  Stripe will require you to provide your business details to deter fraud and comply with government regulations. Then, your account will be activated.


Switching on/offinvoice-creation-payment-switch

If you would prefer to control when you offer the debit and credit card payment option by each invoices, that’s totally possible.

  1. Switch “Accept debit and credit cards” on in Payment Options.
  2. Now, you will see a on/off switch whenever you create an invoice.

This makes it really convenient to tailor each invoice to suit your customer’s preferences. We recommend you keep this setting ON at the account level and turn it OFF at the invoice level for particular jobs.


Issuing a refund

Refunding your customer is easy. To avoid a common fraud scenario, refund the customer by card if that was their means of payment.

  1. Go to the individual invoice’s payment history – tap the transaction you wish to refund.
  2. Here, you will be prompted to refund the payment.
  3. Once the refund is processed, the processing fees will also be returned to you.