Everyone is familiar with the phrase “time is money” and there is no group that this rings truer for than small business owners. Our latest updates focus on speeding up the time it takes to create an invoice, so you can edit and send invoices faster than ever before, and you can use the time you save on invoicing, to run and grow your business.

Send invoices faster, in fewer steps

One of our biggest takeaways from recent customer feedback is that small business owners want fewer steps to create an invoice. To meet this request, we took away anything that was unnecessary, consolidated what was important…and voila!


Now when you create an invoice, you’ll see that your invoice options have been collapsed from two screens into one, so you have everything you need to create the perfect invoice in one spot.

More intuitive action bar
A new (blue) action bar has been introduced that gives you more flexibility—from it, you can now send an invoice right away without having to preview it (unless you choose to), giving you a faster workflow where you’ll be done in fewer steps. The action bar also now appears on the preview screen, so there’s no need to tap “back” to send an invoice – you can now email, message, or add payments to an invoice directly from the preview screen.

Once you play around with these changes for just a few minutes, you’ll see how much faster it is to create and send an invoice. We also automatically applied these changes to credit memos, POs, and estimates, to save you time across the board.

Autocomplete addresses and map integration

When time is money, getting things right the first time is important. Now when you type in a client’s address, Invoice2go will automatically suggest addresses as you type, so you can select the correct address for a client the first time, and every time.

We’ve also added map integration to the client profile screen. After you select a suggested address, the map will populate on the client profile. Tap on the map and you’ll be taken directly through to your device’s map app so you can quickly plan your route.


Once you update to the latest version (10.29), you’ll see the changes in your app. It may take a few minutes to get acquainted with what’s new, but then you’ll be able to enjoy fast and easy invoicing with everything you need to create the perfect invoice, now in one spot!