Sometimes the phrase ‘get organized for the new year’ is enough to make you break out in a cold sweat.

It conjures up visuals of long hours finding missing receipts, shuffling papers into neat piles and sharpening pencils into the early hours of the morning.

Thankfully with Invoice2go, getting organized for 2019 is a cinch.

We’ve launched three exciting features that will save you loads of time and keep you so organized that even your accountant will be asking you for tips.

Say hello to your new time (and sanity) saving best friends:

The appointment manager

Schedule, manage and bill for appointments straight from your app.

Now you can create appointments within Invoice2go and easily bill for them—without having to leave the app. With all your client and job information in one spot, you can easily manage your day, arrive at jobs on time, and quickly bill for your work before you leave the site.

  • Schedule and manage appointments right from your app
  • Get directions to your client’s location
  • Make changes to appointment times, attach related quotes and take notes about the job as you complete it
  • Send email and text reminders to your clients
  • Bill for your appointments straight from the calendar

It’s quick and easy to get started, find out how here.

The time tracker

Get paid what you deserve by tracking every minute of work.time trackerHow many times have you lost track of time and ended up undercharging for your work? Our new time tracking feature allows you to set up a timer to record when you start and finish a job (and even when you pause for a break). It’s the fail-safe way to keep track of every minute you work—without having to write it down. The best part? You can immediately bill your clients once you press stop on the timer (or save your time entries to reference later).

Time is money. Learn how to get started here.

Xero integration

Sync your invoices to Xero and make tax time a breeze.

If you or your accountant use Xero, this is the feature for you. You can now sync your Invoice2go clients and invoices with Xero Accounting, reducing the time and extra work involved in creating double entries. In just a few clicks your Invoice2go account can be completely linked to your Xero account and when your Invoice2go invoices are sent they will be automatically added to your Xero sales ledger, along with any relevant client and tax information. One customer is already saving 30 minutes a day as she no longer has to manually recreate all of her invoices in Xero.

Sound good? Learn how to get started here.

So there you go, three quick and easy ways to get organized for 2019…and not a paperclip in sight. Invoice2go is much more than just an invoicing tool. Next time you log in, be sure to check out these three features and start getting more from your app before the new year rolls in.