Starting your own business can be one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do, but running that business day in day out comes with many hurdles. And sometimes that daily grind can use up all your energy, and make you feel like throwing in the towel. We’ve talked to many business owners about why they started their business, and while every story is unique, one thing is constant: Their passion. Their passion for what they do, who they serve, the lifestyle they’ve created for themselves, or simply for building something great. 

Keeping that passion front and center of everything you do will make sure you’re getting the most out of running your own show, and have the absolute best chance at succeeding.

Here’s a few tips for focusing back in on what gets you out of bed everyday:

Refreshing small business passion

Revisit your “Why”

When you started up your own thing, it’s likely you had a distinct purpose or strong feeling to create something specific or provide a particular service to people. Perhaps to help people get healthy, make people’s lives easier, or to carry on a family tradition. Maybe you were seeking freedom and independence. Revive this “why” – the true passion and motivation that got you started. Right it down, reconnect with it, and use it as your daily compass to guide you through running your business.  

Improve your mindset

Keeping your outlook positive is extremely important as a small business owner. Particularly for those who work alone, you often don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off of, or to pick you up – so it’s up to you to keep pessimism and doubt at bay. Motivational coach, Tony Robbin says if you want success, you have to change your thinking. In this interview with, Tony shared 7 ways disenchanted business owners can rewire their brains. One tactic is to actually write down what is most rewarding about your work, then commit to improving upon one skill a day that will strengthen those areas. Seeing how this benefits your work will motivate you to keep learning and growing. 

Create balance by streamlining business

Striving for work-life balance is critical to the success of your business. Not to mention, the benefit for your health and wellbeing, to your relationships, and for keeping your passion alive for the long haul. This is where technology comes in. There’s an app for every big time waster. For starters, Invoice2go saves you hours of paperwork by sending invoices and collecting payment right from your phone. TaskRabbit or Upwork are great for delegating tasks, and if you’re looking to streamline your business documents, Scanbot makes it easy to capture docs, photos and contracts. By streamlining some of more time-consuming business tasks, you’ll allow for more balance, to ultimately give you more energy to fuel your passion for your business.

Share your passion with others

Networking. It’s important. You’ve probably heard that a million times, but other people’s passion can be contagious. Make an effort to connect with those in your field by attending networking events and conferences. Invite vendors or other business folk out for lunch or coffee. The more you grow those connections, the more you can exchange ideas and encouragement. When you can’t do in-person networking, make an effort to reach out via social media. Through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, find successful people in your field. Check out their profiles and postings to see what’s working great for them.  Fresh perspective and outside inspiration can be a great passion refresher.


Lost momentum can be costly, so the moment you realize you may be stuck in a rut, take action to get your mind and body firing on all cylinders again – your business will thank you.

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