Learn How To Make Your Website Compliant and Accessible With Susan Barns and Juliana Blackett

These days you hear a lot of talk about self-care. But what about business care? 

In a recent Business Masterclass Live, specialists, Susan Burns of Susan Burns LLC, and Juliana Blackett of Accessly, shared in-depth insight into common small business website compliance issues. They discussed why paying attention to these issues and caring for your company website early on gives you a marketing advantage –– and can help you avoid legal problems.

We want to make sure you don’t miss any valuable information, so we’re sharing a recorded version of the presentation for you to watch on-demand. Check it out to learn more about:

  • Terms of service – Learn what specific details you need to include on your website and why you need to monitor and regularly update this information.
  • Disclaimers – Find out how to add statements to your website to protect your business from some liabilities.
  • Copyright – Avoid costly mistakes by ensuring all information and photos on your site don’t break intellectual property laws.
  • Accessibility – 25% of the population has a disability. Discover how to ensure your website is accessible to all users. 

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