My Work Hacks is a series that asks Invoice2go customers to share their tips, tricks, and stories on how they work, maintain balance and stay productive.

Name: Andrew
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Business: Dave’s Sweet Tooth

How did you get started in business?

It all started with my Dad, Dave, the name behind it all. Before he retired, Dave was a firefighter, and he used to make toffee for everyone at the engine house. The toffee was always a hit and quickly became in high demand, with friends calling our house and asking to place orders. I knew there was opportunity there and I always had a passion for business after studying it at college.  So in 2011, I took the leap, with the family toffee recipe in hand and started ‘Dave’s Sweet Tooth’. We started selling to family, friends, and neighbors and word quickly spread. Now, we sell online, wholesale to retailers, and in bulk to restaurants across the country. People can’t seem to get enough of the toffee.

What does your typical day look like?

Every day is different. I am always on the go, whether it’s traveling interstate for work to visit stockists or helping out at the warehouse. Technology allows me to work anywhere, as long as I have my phone and an internet connection.

I have a small team working for me but I still like to work on every aspect of the business from sales and marketing to packing orders and arranging shipping. I even like to hand deliver orders to clients from time to time.

MWH AndrewTop tips for staying productive?

Be present in every moment – the more focused, attentive and present you are, the greater productivity you will experience.

Keep on top of cash flow; it fuels everything else – I use Invoice2go to invoice my customers on the spot, giving them the ability to pay me immediately. Being a small business, I need to have consistent cash flow to pay my employees and to keep growing, so staying on top of this daily keeps me switched on and helps me stay productive. If i’m not efficient with invoicing my clients, I don’t get paid quickly, and that brings everything to a grinding halt.

Check lists – This may seem like an obvious one, but I can’t overstate how helpful check lists are for keeping me and my business on task.

Ask for what you want – Save the back and forth and be very clear with what you want from the start. You and your business will save time, energy and be significantly more productive.

Top tip for finding new business 

Word of mouth is how we got to where we are now. For us, it was all about remaining consistent in delivering a high quality product.

What mobile apps or other tools  help you stay organized?

Gmail – being on the go means email is my primary way of communicating with my team.

Bluecart – our vendors use Bluecart to place orders for our product. It makes it really easy to manage orders between us and our vendors.

Invoice2go – Invoice2go was introduced to me by a friend and three years on, the app is integral to our business for sending invoices and getting paid by our clients. I’m always running around and rarely at a desk, so it’s perfect for easily managing cash flow and saving time chasing up invoices from my clients.

How do you maintain work life balance?

Maintaining balance goes back to not being tied to a desk – I’m mobile during my day and with that, I find it much easier to build balance into my life. Not having to be one place at all times allows me to always have a combination of work and life. People think I am always off traveling but I am in fact, still always working. Being on the go for me means allocating time to fun and to work.

It’s also vital to learn how to let go and delegate to other people. I have employed people that are extremely good at what they do, which makes it easier to hand off tasks and makes it possible for me to focus on other things when I need to. Even outsourcing small tasks goes a long way.

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