Our engineering team has always played an essential role in the success of Invoice2go and how we’ve served small business owners from the very beginning. To help solve the challenges our customers face every day, we need to build a great team around the world and incorporate the best technologies in our products.

What does it take to do all this? Today, we’re chatting with Invoice2go’s first VP of Engineering, Kallol Das. He’s only been at Invoice2go for a few short months, but Kallol has already played an integral role in taking our engineering team, practices and culture to a new level.

Anyone who’s met Kallol knows that he has a passion for building world-class engineering teams. As we prepare for a period of tremendous growth and exciting opportunities, Kallol recognizes that it’s all about the people. We asked Kallol a few questions about engineering, people and culture at Invoice2go.

Kallol Das, VP of Engineering at Invoice2go

What brought you to Invoice2go?

From the time that I started to learn about Invoice2go, there has been a clear and uninterrupted pattern. The values of the people. The culture that our founder Chris Strode started, and that the team has continued to build, is still at the heart of the company. It’s a culture defined by doing the right thing for our customers, and the way in which people work and collaborate with each other.

What excites you about the opportunity from an engineering perspective?

What I love about Invoice2go is that’s it’s bringing the software revolution to a set of businesses that have been completely overlooked. We see loads of innovation happening for SMEs (small to medium sized businesses), but Invoice2go is unique because it’s built something extremely useful for the world’s smallest business owners; often people running their own show. It’s exciting to work on something that’s so important; something that makes it possible for people to run a successful business, and live the life they want to live. We’re still in the early days of how we can solve our customers’ problems, and the opportunity is limitless.

As you continue to build on the team at Invoice2go, what do you look for? How do you spot a world-class engineer?

Within the software industry we solve problems everyday and we enjoy solving the especially difficult ones. Being smart is table stakes when it comes to engineering. What’s really interesting to me is why people are doing what they’re doing. I like to work with people who would be writing software even if they were being paid a lot less. Even if they had a completely different job, they’d be writing software as their hobby because they love it.

What we do is hard, and I look for people who pick the more difficult path because it’s more interesting and it fuels their passion. Passion shows in our ability to solve problems in creative ways; ways we find intuitive and surprising at the same time.

We are building a global engineering team at Invoice2go, and we’re excited about our future. If you’re interested in joining us in Redwood City, Sydney, or Jakarta, check out our open roles.