All in the Family is a series that highlights the classic American small business story — one started and run by families.  From spouse duos to multi-generation leadership, Invoice2go celebrates the funny, frustrating, and fulfilling stories that come from working with family.

invoice2go client landscaping

A surprising number of Invoice2go small businesses start from hardships and rise to impressive levels of success. Orange Blossom Designs is no exception. When the economic downturn of 2008 forced downsizing at the larger firm that Tricia Wing worked for, she took matters into her own hands and went back to school in order to earn a Bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership. As a mother and a student, Tricia worked hard, winning scholarships, a spot on the President’s List, and her entrepreneurship certification. When she decided to start Orange Blossom Designs, a custom landscaping service, she said one of the biggest challenges was balancing the work and home aspects of running a family business. As Tricia says, “my family has turned our business into our lifestyle,” and that working with her husband and son has been great motivation.

That doesn’t mean they don’t see challenges. Tricia comments that every day in business is different and that entrepreneurship is not for everyone. “It’s not a 9 to 5,” Tricia says, “it’s doing whatever your business needs, when it needs it.” Invoice2go is just one example of a creative solution that Orange Blossom Designs needed. Tricia found the tool through an entrepreneurship course, in which each student had to list the greatest challenges of running a business. Tricia, thinking of her desk cluttered with sticky notes, wrote down invoicing. Her class researched twenty different programs, and evaluated each on how helpful they would be to small business owners. What started as a class trial led Tricia to utilize Invoice2go in her daily life running Orange Blossom Designs.

In the future, Tricia and her husband Ronnie hope to tackle even bigger challenges and expand their business further. She dreams one day of a retail establishment where they could have outdoor gardens and a teaching space for children. Just how Orange Blossom Designs started when Tricia was a student, she hopes that one day the business can teach classes as well, giving back their knowledge to the next generation of entrepreneurs.
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