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Welcome to the all-new Invoice2go

Work looks different now. Today, nearly 1 in 3 people are self-employed. That number is growing quickly.

Traditional salaried jobs aren’t what they used to be. Housing and education costs have skyrocketed while wages have only increased 3-5% each year – hardly covering the cost of inflation

Does it still make sense to play it safe, collect that paycheck, and not stand up or walk out? 

With the uncertainty of the past year, job security seems more like a myth – sparking the desire in more people to work on their own terms. 60% of Americans say they’ll stop at nothing to become their own boss.  

Today’s announcement is more than a makeover for Invoice2go, a Bill.com company. While we still help you look professional with attractive, customizable invoices, we’ve become so much more than an invoicing app. We are now a complete toolkit that enables you to manage all aspects of running your business easily – all from your phone.

This is more than a makeover and we're more than an Invoicing app

So, what if you were the boss? What if you could give yourself a raise? What if you could build a business that fulfills your spirit and fits your lifestyle? We’re here to empower you – from the get-go. 

With Invoice2go you call the shots

From our humble roots in Erina, Australia, we’ve grown to 225,000 customers worldwide, invoicing $25 billion a year. This is only the beginning.

You deserve to have control over all aspects of your business. It’s a luxury that you earned through your hard work.

To give you total control, we’ve expanded services and added new features to help you stay organized, look professional, find work, build an online presence, and get paid. On the go. Anywhere. Anytime.

We listened to you and adapted our product to meet your needs. We’re excited to roll out 5 new features today:

Introducing Invoice2go Money – no-fee small business banking 

Available today to select US customers, Invoice2go Money offers a whole new way to get paid faster and simplify bookkeeping tasks like reconciling invoices. Take advantage of zero-fee bank transfers (ACH) and easily set up a no-fee small business bank account that comes with a debit card.

Save time and streamline your processes with our new integrations

Finally, we’re thrilled to expand our accounting integrations with Quickbooks and Xero,  so you can easily sync with your accountant’s software and make tax time a breeze. Now, you can view our integrations when you log in on your browser and submit requests for new integrations. We'll also be announcing new partnerships with best-in-class payroll and bookkeeping solutions soon.

Coming soon: stay organized and reduce admin time with projects

We have more updates in the works. We’re currently putting the finishing touches on a new feature that will allow you to access all the data for a specific project in one convenient place. 

Projects will help you centralize your estimates, invoices, client info, images, and key project info like onsite contact, location, and important notes. We can’t wait to share it with you.

Make your move and build your own business

Even when you’re a master of your craft, getting started isn’t easy. Blazing your own trail can be confusing and come with a lot of headaches. It can feel like a huge risk, and you may encounter intense moments of self-doubt. What if you fail?

We believe it isn’t as hard as you think. And you don’t need to be a business expert to begin. You just need the right tools and resources. We empower business owners from all industries. From contractors to interior designers to bakers and photographers – we’re behind you 100%. 

Beyond our software, we’ve created a suite of small business resources for business owners at all stages of their careers. Whether you’re looking to apply for a small business grant, write a business plan, or find your first ten customers, we have excellent materials to help you along your path.

We also sponsor three communities of diverse business owners. The Female Founders Network is a global, women-focused entrepreneurial and leadership podcast and community. The Freelance Forum delivers the education, inspiration, and support you need to kindle your passion and get paid for it. Our Go Getters community connects you with like-minded business owners and keeps you posted on our latest product updates.

Working independently doesn’t mean you’re alone.

Work your way

We’re doubling down on our commitment to helping independent professionals navigate challenges, overcome obstacles, and find fulfillment in work. Invoice2go makes running a business simple so that you can stay focused on what you do best – and do it your way.

We exist to amplify the independent spirit of small businesses worldwide. We believe there’s an independent voice inside of everyone waiting to be heard.

Let’s turn it up.


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